There is help regarding skills on the following topics:

Combat skills
combat - how good you are at armed combat
unarmed - how well you can fight unarmed
shieldbash - your ability to use a shield actively
Economical and trading skills
trading - can you get a good price in the shops
appraisal - how well you can estimate the value of something
economics - reduces your taxation
Miscellanious skills
perception - helps for searching and protection from backstabbing
check - how well you can estimate the strength of a monster
swim - your ability to carry equipment while swimming
Magical skills
resist - protection from magic and poison
channeling - need this to send spell points to another player
attune - need this to be able to use magic items
powerp - need this to charge magic items with power
runes - need this to be able to use magic runes
Subtefuge skills
bribery - how well you can bribe the tax collector
sneak - your ability to sneak from and into a room
hide - your ability to hide in a room
backstab - your ability to assassinate another living being
Commands regading skills
skillevels - list the max skill level allowed for particular levels
scost - cost (in experience) to raise a skill
raise - raise a skill level