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[God] TyRaNt Bithir is a married man [Idle : 1h 30m 45s]

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[31] Blyster the Dragon Master [Idle : 14h 29m 31s]
[30] Pollack the Massive Juggernaut
[28] Cobalt the Eminent Lord of Morgoth [Idle : 1h 54m 24s]
[26] Landers the Eminent Lord of Morgoth [Idle : 9s]
[24] Blaise the Mighty Enchanter of the White Circle [Idle : 14h 48m 3s]
[23] Xtra the tried Crusader of Kordar [Idle : 1h 38m 23s]
[20] Blasphemy the apprentice master of healing [Idle : 14h 48m 16s]
[19] Hydro the Brutal berserker [Idle : 21s]

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