Kingdoms MUD



Kingdoms follows a fantasy type theme, leaning towards the mediaeval time period. Players gain experience points by solving quests and killing monsters. By doing so, the player can advance levels and gain abilities. Killing of other players is allowed, but follows certain rules.

Compared to other MUDs, Kingdoms has a quite advanced character development system, vaguely based on the RoleMaster system, with 10 different characteristics and a large number of skills. There are a growing number of guilds for players to join, all taking a different approach to adventuring.


Kingdoms is a MUD (multi user dungeon) that was started in 1992 at the department of Engineering Physics, now Physics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. It then moved to the company NetGuide, Gothenburg, Sweden. For a few months in 2016, it disappeared before finding a new home here. It can be found at the web-client or if you are running a Mud client with TLS support, 1843, or via a normal mud client/telnet 1812

You can find most of the wizards and players, both former and current, on the facebook group for kingdoms.


The current God of Kingdoms is currently Bithir. In the past the following gods Kingdoms has been known: Azid, Bennett, Diablos, Dusk, Fil, Glaurung, Harkania, Iko and Yappo. Kingdoms is running on the CD Mud GameDriver and Kingdoms mudlib. It is now running on a VM powered by Amazon AWS.