Like a solidary lighthouse in the middle of the vast ocean, far away from any shore, the snowy white Tower Of Sorcery streches towards the sky from the bosom of the water. Lonely like a guardian on a desolate post, the white marble tower stands, narrating of times long passed. It is built upon the focal point of the arcane power of elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. This untamed and raw power is the lifeblood of the Sorcerers, it's what they live and breath. Their task is to tame this wild power and learn to control it. Once a Sorcerer has learned how to grasp this power he must then learn to channel the elements after his own will. If you wish to be one of those master of elements, channeling the most arcane and living power of the universe! If you wish to be a source of magic!

Become a Sorcerer!