The rules of Kingdoms

The rules are divided in ethical rules and game rules. These apply to all players. If you break them you will be removed from the game or warned.

1) Language - be nice to fellow users. Watch your language, we give one warning before we remove players. Be especially nice to our newbies. There is always a need for new players, new influences and new ideas.

2) Harrassment - To this we refer both sexual harrassment and intentionally trying to scare people away from the mud. If you try to kill somebody until they quit playing, we might as well chuck you out instead.

3) Name - People with offensive names will be removed

4) Don't generate messages that looks like something it isn't. Never try to fool players to do something based on false messages.


5) Each person may have one user only. To this use you will link all your characters.

6) You have to give your real name, town, country and email when you create your user.

The arches will interpret the rules, and in a disagreement LAW has the final word.

Mortals: We refer to the one behind the screen as player, the thing inside the game as character.

1 A player may have many characters. A character may only be played by one player. A player may only have one character logged on to the game at a time. You may neither have one character link dead and have another logged on. This applies to gues as well. Your characters may not help each other. Characters may not be given away or given up. If you stop playing a character, pit it.

2 The owner of a character is the one who knows the password. Don't share that with anybody.

3 A player should report all bugs, so we can remove them. Remember we want you to report both negative and positive bugs, because if we find people that abuse bugs we remove them.

4 Quests: You may help your fellow mortals with quests, but only as long as it is obvious that they are the ones solving the quest not you solving it for them.

5 Exploration: You may show your friends the mud, show them around and team.

6 Playerkilling: It is allowed to attack other players in the intent of killing them. The following rules apply for playerkilling: No playerkilling is allowed if either the target or attacker are lower than level 5. You may kill +/-5 from your own lvl. If you are above lvl 24 you may allways kill lvl > 24.

If you find a way to go around these rules, it is called cheating and your character may be removed.


1 As a Wiz you may not do anything to make the game easier for mortals. You may not help mortals with information, items, money, experience etc.

2 You may not try to attain more access than you have been given.

3 You must report bugs.

4 You may not interfere with the game. Ie you may not destruct or bomb monsters, reset rooms etc. You may neither affect players in any way.

5 You may neither play testchars in open areas or let mortals into unopened ones. There are ML's that you should play in the open parts of the mud. You may use testchars for debugging puposes only in your own open area. In unopen areas only wiz and testchars are allowed.

6 You may not have more than one character logged on at a time. Exception: A wizard may have his/her testchars logged on at the same time as the wiz-character. Also when you create a Mortallord you have to be logged on with the new charcter and logged on with the new charcter and the wizard at the same time.

7 If you are unsure what you may or may not do, ask LAW, or if Law isn't present ask another ARCH.

8 As a Wizard you may help players who are stuck in rooms due to bugs, but remember that there are some rooms whoch catch you due to stupidity. You may not reimburse players for what they call bugs. This you have to leave to the arches.

9 You may help players with your own area, hints etc, but it is better if you use your ML to do this. This is primarily for new areas.

10 We want all wizards to keep in touch with the game. Thus we feel that it is urgent for wizards to talk to mortals and other wizards.

11 As a creator you will be allowed to play mortallords. You may never as a wizard play mortals, because:

1) As a wizard you know the mud and you have access to information that most players don't. That is why you should be unable to team etc with mortals. The real mortallords have probably played as long as you and are probably about as knowing about the mud.

2) It is a privilege that you are allowed to play at all as a wizard. The reason for this is that we believe that you can generate better code and more interesting areas if you are allowed to keep up to date with the game. When you are a creator you may make WML's. Before that you may ask Law to give you one ML which will be granted if you have shown that you are a serious coder and you show results.

12 Cheating wizards may most of the time be warned once and then removed. For serious cheating, or misuse of bugs and for all attempts to gain access or messing around in other players code etc removal is instant. The warning is not compulsory, it is perhaps a benefit.

13 You are supposed to have common sense. If you don't have that or if you behave in a destructive way for the mud you might reconsider your position here.

14 When you promote new wizards ask them 414 When you promote new wizards ask them 4 things:

1) Do they have another wizard on this mud. If so they are not to be promoted.

2) Have they ever had another wizard on this mud, if so which one and why was it removed. Are you willing to take responsibility for this person.

3) Do they have any other characters on this mud. If they do make sure they are pitted.

4) Are they aware of what being a wizard means. If they aren't enlighten them and make sure they know what we expect wizards to do, ie code an area.

Wizard Mortal Lords.

1 Everything that applies to your wizard applies to your Mortal Lord.

2 You are not allowed to give out information concerning monsters stats and abilities, nor any other info you have that can only be achieved by talking to wizards or by being a wizard.

3 You may help mortals though with equipment, money, killing monsters, exploration and all those things that you only need muscles to do.

4 You may also help newbies with the low-level quests, (hints and muscle) though you may not solve the quests for them.

5 You are expected to be nice and helpful to the new characters and to be their protection from the bad guys. One of the primary reasons you are allowed to play is to help newbies into the game.

6 ML's have normally played longer than a wizard. They also almost always are more up to date with the mud than a wizard who has been coding for a couple of months so there is no a couple of months so there is no reason for a WML to treat them differently than WML's. That still means you shouldn't give out info you could only get by being a wizard.