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The background
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The background ...

The Koshbutsu Ninja are a small sect of Ninja who long ago lost contact with the other groups.  Due to their seclusion, their fighting skills have evolved in a unique way.  They have specialized in the use of two daggers or the body itself, abandoning all other weapons.  Their name, Koshbutsu, means "organ and muscle stabbing", and they live up to the name.  While fighting, a Ninja will aim for critical points and look for opportunities to deliver crushing blows.

The traditions of the Koshbutsu Ninja have also evolved in a unique way.  They have learned to remain officially neutral in all affairs, and this disposition has allowed them to survive a long time.  When in combat, a Koshbutsu Ninja will always wear a mask to conceal his identity so that his actions can not be traced back to the guild.

Over the years, the Koshbutsu have increasingly emphasized combat over subterfuge, but they have not completely abandoned their skills at stealth...


General Ninja skills
Nightvision Ability to see in darkness 90 100
Perception Awareness of the surroundings 100 100
Trading Skill at bargaining 75 200
Check Size your foe up 100 100
Swim Ability to avoid drowning 70 100
Climb Climbing walls and cliffs 100 100
Hide Ability to hide 80 150
Sneak Ability to move silently 90 150
Stealth Determines the speed to hide/sneak 80 100
Spying Information gathering 100 70
Settrap Ability to set traps 90 150
Resist Determines your magical resistance 85 250
Attune Ability to use magic 30 300
Runes Skill at deciphering runes 20 300
Lore Knowledge of Kingdoms history 25 300

Combat related Ninja skills
Combat Skill with weapons 100 100
Unarmed Ability to fight unarmed 100 50
Foot Proficiency with feet 100 100
Hand Proficiency with hands 100 100
Dagger Skill with knives 100 100
Two_weapon Using two weapons at once 90 150
Cripple Ability to hit critical points 100 150
Stun Ability to land crushing blows 100 150
Disarm Removing opponents weapon 100 100
Ambush Initiate the fight by assaulting your foe 100 100
Dodge Ability to dodge attacks 100 100
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