All Hail Zath, Great Lord of Death and Hell-Fyre!

Hidden deep in the ground under the ruins of an ancient castle, the Infernal Order of Necromancers plots to reassert Zath's worship among mortal beings.

Luring mortals with promises of ultimate power over life and death, Zath's followers ever increase in number.

A master Necromancer is a fearsome sight to behold. Yellowish skin hardly covers his rotting extremities, and deep in his eye sockets his eyes have rotted away, leaving only pools of malevolent red light. Twisted horns adorn his forehead and a putrid stench emanates from his body. Unable to speak above a whisper, his voice still holds unimaginable power.

With a word, he can rot the flesh from your bones or bestow a lethal curse upon whomever opposes him.

With a thought, he can put you to sleep, one from which you will only wake to see the necromancer stand above you, his sacrificial dagger poised to strike.

Formidable as their magical powers are, what really separates him from ordinary mortals are his abilities to call upon the ranks of the Undead and the Daemons.

Ghastly Wights, putrid Zombies and mindless Wraiths appear at his beck and call, and whispers abound of even more fell creatures that serve these acolytes of Zath.

Some of the most powerful of these beings have taken the final step and embraced death by becoming liches. So perverted with evil their very hands freeze whatever they touch, these most powerful of Zath's servants relentlessly try to expand their magical knowledge, knowing they have an eternity of undeath in which to grow in power.

Such is the legacy that Zath wishes to leave to mortals. Only the most vile-hearted of men or women would ever join his followers knowing this, but such people are all too common...

Necromancers are currently under construction.

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-- Zandor, Patron of Necromancers