Shao Lin Monks

White Crane Shaolin

The Shaolin Monks guild has been designed to accommodate the widest range of playing styles, and yet reward those who take the time to learn how to finesse the guild. I have tried to provide the feel of the Shao Lin Monks of history inside the theme of Kingdoms, and while this makes a wide departure from accuracy necessary, I believe I have also managed to keep some of the flavor for those who like the fighting abilities of these incredible monks of Asia.

High up in the Misty Mountains of Nippon, in the far western sea of Kingdoms lies the temple itself. Master Kahn welcomes new students to the Way of the White Crane Shaolin with a warm smile and a quiet manner. He can help you with the basic information about the guild if you ask him, including what skills and stats one can advance at the temple. He will also guide you to the sacred test when you feel you have learned all you can from the temple, but the price is high for failure.

Grand Master Shade of the White Crane Shaolin

Stances and Styles

Stats and Skills