The Mages of Morgoth are a society of evil mages located in Night City. Their aim being the mastery of the evil sorceries that tap into the weave of magic the makes up Kingdoms. Great and sinister are the powers that these mages wield. But greater still is the struggle to be master of the arcane arts. Faith in Morgoth is not a requirement, but to deny his presence would be foolish, even deadly for all who tread near.

To become a memeber you must seek out the eldest of mages and become their apprentice, so that your mettle might be tested for surely not all who some seeking to wield magic are suited to do so.

'To dwelve into the unknown, to control the tameless
weave of magic that surrounds us, that is our
calling. Our price is trifling in the enjoyment of
the power we wield, and the dread our mastery of
the arcane powers inspires in our enemies.'
Teachings of the Archmage.

Only if you feel ready to worship the most evil of all, and wed your life to rid the world of what is known as good, can you join the ranks of the Mages of Night City.

                -- Mustafa, the Patron of the Mages.