The Healers Guild:

Situated in the heart of Kordar City, the city of the noble, the Healers Guild form a forum for those seeking the righteous and generous path of helping people in need. Life doesn't have to be about killing all other species, or killing those of your own species, to get ahead. Life can be about enjoying the multitude of the world, exploring the lands with your friends, and making the best out of every situation. Because of this life-full attitude towards their surroundings, healers are well respected and prised heroes throughout the kingdoms. No bounty is ever full without the skillful help of a prominent healer, and no bounty is ever equally successful either.

Healers don't have to rely on their physical strength to get by, but well their psychic such. Using the vein of white magic, the magic of life, from within every human being, they are powerful equipped only with their own life essence. They have the powers to heal all wounds of their fellow humans, and they are therefore a very social guild. Heroes abusing the god-given right to live and prosper are not liked among the healers, and you will seldom see a murderer with a healer by his side. A healer turned killer is a renegade amidst the healer society.