The druids are dedicated to the forest and nature. They 
strive to live in harmony and peace 
with all living things. Druids have the ability to shift into 
an animal, making itself one with the animals. 
Also, druids can brew herbs and potions.

As a druid you take your powers from the power of the nature,
bending it to towards your own goals and desires. The spirits of
the forest are yours to command at will. Druids are generally known 
to be gentle and nice, but there are exceptions.

The druids don't like violence, but when they have
to fight they have a great deal of power to fall back on. Their
skill in fighting however is limited to the art of the staff -
known as the tanno-technique and their chants.

Druids do not use edged weapons, since they are
a threat to the thing you love most: the trees. In particular,
a druid wielding an axe, risks being banded from the guild.

-- Brona, the Patron of the Druids