Corporate Style
Demons are spreading fear all over the Kingdoms. Everywhere demons stalk they bring death, mayhem and destruction. Evil flows through their veins as they search for your soul to increase the power of darkness. Their slumbering souls wanders as bats in the night in search for flesh and blood. With their fangs extended they fall upon their poor unexpecting victims. With lightning speed they thrash apart flesh and tendons.
If your heart is black and cold you can worship their dark gods and perhaps become one of them. Let your dark mind travel to the very depths of the jungle, where the demonlords dwell in the depth of their evil nest.
But beware, the powers of a demon is not for free. Old tales says that a demon must sacrifice in unholy rituals or the wrath of the demon gods will suck it's soul and life out and it will be doomed for all eternity.
Read the writing on the wall and learn about the abilities of a demon.
Take a look at the legion of the damned.
By the HUGE wicked claws of the Patron