Cleric Guild

  Across the kingdoms there are many different types of professions. There are those that would live, and die, by the sword - fighters, those who would prefer to keep to the shadows - the assassins and those that crave knowledge and power - the mages. The clerics are a cross between fighters and mages but are tied to acting for the good of the nations. As far away from assassins as the heavens from earth. The spells our lady bestows upon us are to aid us in combat, protecting us from harm and enhancing our combat ability, but also more directly in the form of lightning bolts from the sky to pierce your foe.

  If you are interested then seek out our cathedral lying on the shore of the Highlands, just east of Peloria. Take a galley to 2500 800 and follow the coast eastwards. There we have our church in the name of the true goddess Cay, our protector. But come only if you seek also a religious side of life, a life of devotion and of righteousness.

        -- Lapsus, the Patron of The Church of True Faith