About bards:

The entertainers, the ones who tell the sagas of the great heroes of the Kingdoms, always welcome everywhere, the bards are a good choice if you like talking to people, likes to spread the news, and be the one who hear all the news first the bards guild is the right for you. The first and most important thing about beeing a bard is to stay neutral. Since you are the one who spreads the information, people will trust you to tell the truth.

About beeing a bard:

Bards do not excell in any area, but no other guild has the width of the bards. Playing a bard will let you do almost anything that anyone else can do, but you will probably never be a true expert in any area. As a bard you will have to think about your moves before you make them and with a little planning you will probably raise quickly.

About the bards guild:

The guild is the place where bards practice their skills, socialize, and study the works of other bards. The guild of bards does not actively involve itself in the politics of the Kingdoms, since the bards believe in staying neutral.

Heard about bards:

From the vile Demon.

Bards? Bah! Those struttin' little whimps! Don't even got any claws! But beware.. when a bard starts to sing, it is more to it than it may seem. And when those daggers start flying ya better be outta there fast.

From the gentle Healer.

The bards are a strange sort. Neither good, nor evil. But they are good friends, there is almost no gadget that a bard isn't able to get for you.

From the noble Knight.

I don't trust them! They are not good, and if they're not with me they are against me. But I'll have to admit that they can be in great help in a fight, with the daggers animated and you keeping the monster from doing any damage. But if they try to mess with me they'll beware of the wrath of Cor!

From the devoted Cleric.

The bards are strange. You can't trust them, they are not good, but it isn't to speak the truth to advice to kill them all eather, since they are not evil. But beware, they control powers that that Cay have no say in.

From the strong Fighter.

Duh! Bards weak! Bards sing! Singing only for wuzzies! Me bash! Me BASH! Me strong!!! AND THAT BE REALLY HUGE YA KNOW!!!

From the sneaky Assassin.

There you got a nasty lot. Don't think that the one hiding on a galley is an assassin. It might just as well be a bard, ready to flay you with every dagger he has been able to lay his hands upon.

From the powerful Archmage.

How can Morgoth allow those bards to use the powers he granted us - the Mages! And how in Morgoth's name can they block our powers?!