Helpfiles concerning the mud interface, logging on and off and learning to customize your game prompt.

ansi - on how to add ansi colours
brief - on how to change between brief and verbose mode
define - on how to define shortcommands and aliases
idle - on how to mark yourself as idle
lag - some information about a well known phenomenon
linkdeath - on what happens when you lose your link to the mud
password - on how to change your password
plog - on how to log a set of events
quit - on how to quit the game
reboot - on what a reboot is and why it happens
uptime - how long ago was the last reboot?
save - on how to manually save your Interface
system - on how to get more complicated system information
time - on how to see what time it is in the mud
toggle - on how to toggle different modes
width - on how to set the width of your screen